Termination Of Agreement Vertaling

Finito therefore wanted to terminate the employment contract. At first, Mr. de Groot opposed the resignation, but he sees no other possible solution; 1. The parties refrain from making statements to third parties about the content of this agreement and the circumstances that led to the agreement, with the exception of information that must be provided on the basis of the law. Mr. de Groot is authorized to provide a copy of this agreement to the UWV (the Dutch Social Security Authority) if he applies for social security. – The parties stress that Mr. de Groot cannot be held responsible for Finito`s initiative to terminate the employment contract and that the dismissal is not based on an urgent ground within the meaning of Article 7:678 of the Dutch Civil Code (BW); Mr. de Groot will receive his usual salary and emoluments until the date of dismissal. Until March 1, 2018, Mr. de Groot will continue to work as usual and will take care of a formal workover. From March 1, 2018 until the termination date, Mr. de Groot is completely exempt from work and the obligation to report in the workplace.

During this exemption period, no refunds, travel packages will be due and no new days of leave will be accumulated. All other terms of employment will remain in effect until the termination date if no other agreement is reached in this agreement. A periodic final count is made within one month of the termination date. These include the payment of accumulated leave pay, all cumulative days of leave that were not used on the termination date, and the year-end bonus. In de overeenkomst tussen de leverancier en de producent was niets bepaald over termination. From two studenten hadden grondig jurisprudentie onderzoek gedaan. Zelfs bepalingen uit het Europese Burgerlijk Wetboek, die als soft law gelden waren uit de kast getrokken. Tijdens hun presentatie zat ik me alsmaar af te vragen waarom de producent niet gewoon nakoming vorderde nu de leverancier blijkbaar de overeenkomst had ontbonden (ende) zonder dat er sprake was van een tekortkoming. De verwerring war groot, zeker toen de studenten bleven volhouden dat de producent geen nakoming k`n vorderen in de casus die zij net hadden gepresenteerd. Op hun verzoek ging we over op het Nederlands: de leverancier bleek de overeenkomst te hebben opgezegd (completed) in hun bewoordingen). Toen not much het kwartje! Finito will pay Mr de Groot an incentive to terminate by mutual agreement 10,000,- 10.- (10,000 euros) gross within one month of the date of the termination of Article 6 if and so far this transaction contract is signed by Mr. de Groot and Finito finally made available on February 15, 2018.

In the end, on the day of the dismissal, Mr. de Groot will return in good condition all the assets belonging to Demher of the company he acquired. The employee receives the correct receipt of the return. This agreement is governed by Dutch law and is interpreted accordingly, and the Dutch courts have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate all disputes under this agreement; Het blijft lastig, een Engels woord vinden voor `ontbinden` dat tegelijkertijd duidelijk maakt dat het niet om `opzeggen` gaat. In het Anglo-Amerikaanse recht is er namelijk geen juridische figuur vergelijkbaar met het Nederlandsrechtelijke `ontbinden`.